China Marine Economy Expo 2017 in Zhanjiang

China Foreign Trade Center and Zhanjiang city government signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement on 15th September to upgrade the China Marine Economy Expo (CMEE), hoping to turn the expo into a more international event.

The China Marine Economy Expo is held annually in the port city of Zhanjiang and is sponsored by the State Oceanic Administration and Guangdong provincial government.  It is the only State-level comprehensive marine-themed expo and has become an important promotional platform for the Belt and Road Initiative and developing maritime economy, said Li Jinqi, Director of China Foreign Trade Center.

China Foreign Trade Center is the organizer of Canton Fair (China Import and Export Fair), which is the largest trade fair in the country.

The fourth session of China Marine Economy Expo will be hosted in Zhanjiang between Dec 14 and 17.

Source:  Zhanjiang China

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