Northrop and Johnson name Martin Holmes as General Manager Asia

Northrop & Johnson has announced the appointment of Martin Holmes as General Manager Asia in a move that will solidify the companies positioning in the Asia-Pacific region.

northrop & johnson asia
Martin Holmes announced as Northrop & Johnson’s General Manager Asia (image: Phuket News)

Northrop & Johnson Asia

As Asia’s yachting industry expands, Northrop & Johnson is making waves with management shifts that reinforce their global expansion, burgeoning charter fleet and strong yacht sales.

Earlier this year, Joshua Lee, Managing Director of Lee Marine acquired full license rights for Northrop & Johnson Asia and took on the position of Managing Director for Northrop & Johnson Asia.   The new appointment of Holmes will see his vast experience at Lee Marine add to the management team and strengthen Northrop’s integration with their other Asia-Pacific offices, including Hong Kong, Thailand and Australia.

Lee Marine will continue with sales and after-sales service of new and used vessels up to 30m and Northrop & Johnson will focus on new construction and project management, large brokerage sales and charter services.

Words by Rebecca Whitlocke

Image: © Phuket News

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