Zung Fu partners with Silver Arrows Marine

Zung Fu, the exclusive retailer for Mercedes-Benz in Hong Kong and Macau has signed an agreement with London and Monaco-based Silver Arrows Marine for the launch of the Arrow460-Granturismo in Asia.

The exclusive partnership is in line with a series of VIP luxury lifestyle programmes for Mercedes owners in Hong Kong whereby they can test drive the latest models and learn more about the Arrow460-Granturismo.

zung fu silver arrows marine
Zung Fu partners with Silver Arrows Marine for VIP lifestyle programmes (image: Silver Arrows Marine)

“For the first time in Asia, the automotive and marine industries will work together to launch the Arrow460-Granturismo in conjunction with VIP luxury lifestyle programmes, that reflects the best of travel on land and sea. It has always been Silver Arrows Marine plan to combine yachts and cars because they share so much and are such natural partners for any luxury lifestyle. We value an exceptional partner like Zung Fu, which is equally dedicated to innovation and a lifestyle approach as we are.  We hope to be able to extend such agreements to other parts of the world soon.” Jacopo Spadolini, CEO of Silver Arrows Marine

The coupe-like elegance of the Arrow460-Granturismo represents the first time the sensual purity of automobiles such as the Mercedes-Benz S Class has been applied to a yacht.  The design and interior is focused on unobtrusive, built-in systems and automated controls. Features include built-in sunbeds, retractable side windows, walk-around access, open cabin and rear platform that is unmatched on a 14metre yacht.

The Arrow460-Granturismo in action below (video: Silver Arrows Marine):

Learn more :  Silver Arrows Marine Arrow460-Granturismo

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