Chinese New Year / Spring Festival for Yachting

We’ve had an interesting past week observing the actions of many yacht brokerages and marine companies who have shared posts on social media stating ‘Happy Chinese New Year’.

Two years ago, there was just a handful of global yachting companies who did this so it’s great to see the evolution of how yachting in China and the marine industry is now perceived as a viable region to include in marketing.

chinese new year yachting
A sample of the Chinese New Year 2019 (Year of the Pig) posts from yachting companies

Amidst the Lunar New Year posts, we congratulate Burgess Asia for the sale of 49.1m M/Y Lohengrin, were amazed by Victor Vescovo from the FiveDeeps Expedition team becoming the first human to successfully dive to the deepest point in the Southern Ocean in the South Sandwich Trench, and enjoyed the follow-up discussions from the Superyacht Investor conference in London, especially those that circulated around automated charter bookings that will still need human intervention.

Superyachts China will be enjoying a Chinese holiday break and will be back on February 11.  

We wish our clients, friends and family optimism, good wishes and prosperity in the Year of the Pig!



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