Marine Online launches integrated maritime ecommerce platform

Singapore-based Marine Online Pte Ltd has launched an integrated ecommerce platform designed with the maritime industry in mind.

The platform features over 10,000 product listings and 4,000 service providers covering more than 10 marine services such as chartering, bunkering, ship supply, port agency, crewing, ship S&P.

Marine Online has launched an integrated maritime ecommerce platform

Mr Stephen Qi, Chief Operating Officer at Marine Online says, “Marine Online spent 3 years developing the site with great ambitions to cut operational costs, improve efficiency and promote transparency within the maritime ecosystem. This one stop integrated maritime platform is available online or through a mobile app, allowing sellers the world over to list their products and services.”

Marine Online utilises AI for platform features

Building on Big Data, AI, blockchain and other new technologies, Marine Online has recognized that the maritime industry is highly specific and a typical ecommerce marketplace would not succeed.  Therefore, they specially designed two features catering to a buyer’s preference when using the platform:

  1. Request for Quotation (RFQ) :  This tool enables users to reduce the time and cost spent searching for the right supplier, allowing easy comparison of pricing and products. All transactions and evaluations are included in the sellers’ credit system on the platform, supporting in the decision-making process.
  2. M-DAQ Partnership for Forex transactions : Powered by M-DAQ’s proprietary technologies, Marine Online guarantees foreign exchange rates and provides an escrow service (similar to Alipay’s guarantee) that functions as a standalone payment portal, to protect the interests of both buyer and seller.

Marine Online is looking to expand to other regions, building their network of marine companies and port coverage.

Mr Bruno Bai, Vice President of Marine Online, says, “In the near future, we intend to unlock even more features and functions for our customers. As the platform grows with more shipowners and businesses joining, we will eventually launch a credit evaluation system, 3PL logistic support, review and rating as well as financing services creating the fundamentals of a comprehensive ecommerce solution.”

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