Breguet and Race for Water: The Adventure Continues

As the end of the year approaches the Race for Water teams have reached Asia, where the mission continues.

As the endeavor’s main sponsor, Breguet is proud to support this foundation, which is committed to saving the oceans from the threat of plastic pollution. 

The Race for Water vessel stops in Hong Kong (photo: Peter Charaf)

Destination Japan 2020

In 2020, Race for Water will set sail for Shanghai before Japan, and then Tokyo, where it will then remain throughout July. The timing was deliberately chosen because it coincides with the Summer Olympic Games. This will be their longest stopover.

The odyssey set off from Brittany in April 2017 on board a groundbreaking boat that is powered solely by renewable energy. It arrived in Asia after crossing the Atlantic and Pacific oceans over the course of two years including stopping in around 20 cities.

Onboard visits in Noumea in New Caledonia (photo: Peter Charaf)

It is crucial for the foundation to be present at major events – in 2017, the Bermuda stage coincided with the America’s Cup and the odyssey will stop at Dubai for Expo 2020.

While one of Race for Water’s missions is to generate awareness about ocean pollution, it also works towards a solution for transforming and repurposing plastic waste based on optimized high-temperature pyrolysis technology.  Deployed on a massive scale, this could end the majority of ocean contamination caused by plastic waste.

Visit and for further information.

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