Chongqing is a major city in southwest China and is one of the four municipality cities in China. The municipality was created on 14 March 1997, succeeding the sub-provincial city administration that was part of Sichuan Province.  It is a major manufacturing center and major transportation hub in southwestern China.

It covers an area of 82,403 km², a large area crisscrossed by rivers and mountains. The Daba Mountains stand in the north, the Wu Mountains in the east, the Wuling Mountains in the southeast, and the Dalou Mountains in the south. Built on mountains and partially surrounded by the Yangtze and Jialing rivers, it is known as a “mountain city” and a “city on rivers”.

Chongqing is well connected to the rest of the world thanks to its transportation infrastructure including railways and expressways to the east and southeast. Chongqing is a major freight destination for rail and has one of the most important inland ports in China. There are numerous luxury cruise ships that terminate at Chongqing, cruising downstream along the Yangtze River to Yichang, Wuhan, Nanjing or even Shanghai. The major airport is Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport, located in Yubei District. The airport offers a network of direct flights to China, South East Asia, the Middle East and Europe. Jiangbei airport is a hub for China Southern Airlines, Chongqing Airlines, Sichuan Airlines and Hainan Airlines’s China West Air.

Chongqing has many historic war-time buildings or sites, some of which have since been destroyed. It is a great touristic spot some of the places to see are The Baiheliang Underwater Museum,The Memorial of Great Tunnel Massacre, Chongqing Amusement Park, and Fengdu Ghost City.