Marina training and standards to be rolled out in China

The Chinese Sports Industry Group (CSI) and Marina Industries Association (MIA) have signed a partnership to provide international standards for marina training and accreditation in China.

Andrew Chapman, MIA President and Chairman says the initiative will be a game changer for the Chinese marina industry. “MIA are delivering marina training under the auspices of the Global Marina Institute aligned with our British Marine partnership.  Additional support by CSI of MIA’s accreditation will fast track the creation of more customer focused marinas.”

Additionally, there will be a roll out of the Global Gold Anchor and International Clean Marina accreditation programs that will assist with the development of marina operations and practices.

As proof of the potential for the Chinese yachting sector, there are only a handful of Gold Anchor marinas throughout China including Nansha Marina, Serenity Marina, Wuxi Taihu Shanshui Marina, Yalong Bay Yacht Club and Qingdao Olympic Marina.

Mr Wang Weidong, Chairman of China Sports Industry Group, believes the partnership is essential towards global standardisation of Chinese marinas. “Though the Chinese marina industrial chain possesses huge potential, there had never been a standardised management and operations system to follow.  This will raise the interest of investors and drive the industry as a whole.”

The first training course is planned for March in Sanya.

For more information about MIA, visit



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