2022 Thailand International Boat Show cancelled

Organisers of the Thailand International Boat Show (TIBS) have announced that its debut show scheduled for 6-9 January 2022 has been cancelled. 

“Having discussed with our partners, exhibitors, and industry stakeholders, we have taken the decision in the best interests of all to postpone the show until January 2023,” says David Hayes, CEO of organiser Jand Events.

The new dates for the show are 12-15 January 2023, and the venue remains confirmed as Royal Phuket Marina.

The Thailand International Boat Show is likely to become a competitor of the country’s largest in-water event, the Thailand Yacht Show, which typically takes place at Royal Phuket Marina in early January. The dates for the 2022 Thailand Yacht Show have yet to be confirmed, after the 2021 edition was cancelled due to coronavirus.

In November, Verventia who organise the Thailand Yacht Show,  revealed they will be staging an “extension” of the Phuket show in Pattaya from next year onwards, after agreeing a partnership with the owners of Ocean Marina in Pattaya. A location for the Phuket show has yet to be confirmed. The company says the Phuket show will be the central event in a new Festival of Luxury Tourism, which has been proposed to the Thai government by Verventia. The proposed Festival of Luxury Tourism event would feature combined events showcasing high-end products such as private jets, classic cars and electric cars, wellness and healthcare, art and culture, in a bid to draw in high-net-worth visitors from across the region.

Verventia says that it is watching pandemic-related restrictions and developments carefully before confirming a date or further details.

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